Gongafunkadine (starring George Clinton) is a kids-style show pilot inspired by the Parliament Funkadelic music and mythos.

Produced by Spoontang in association with Starbound Creative


Genres: Sci-Fi/Kids Show/Puppets/Musical
Created by: Michael Wotherspoon
Pilot Directed By: Jason Harper
Pilot Ep. Written By: Tony Giordano, Disco San Andreas, Scott Silson, Kevin Townsley, Michael Wotherspoon, Jason Harper

Producers: Michael Wotherspoon / John Sebastian La Valle

Starring: George Clinton (Captain George), Chris Kirkpatrick (L.E.), Scott Silson (S.I.R.), Ava Taylor (M.I.S.S.), Stevie Sculthorpe (WIZ), Ian Herrington (P.A.L.), and Tony Whitten (Shamcow/Add'l Puppetry)

Premise: The crew of the funk ship Gongafunkadine go from planet to planet, bringing back the funk using their ship's mighty bop gun.  But, when things go wrong they can always count on each other to help.  Take a journey with Captain G (George Clinton) as he and his 'funky friends' travel the universe.  So energize and funkitize - it's time to Gongafunkadine!

After meeting for the first time in mid-2009 Dual Core decided to choose Starbound to produce his first official music video at Nerd Invasion '09.

The response from the video has been overwhelming and everyone involved enjoyed the fun yet professional atmosphere of the shoot.  Many of the fans and artists such as the numerous Scrub Club Records artists seen throughout the video have mentioned that the experience of working with Starbound on the production was one of the highlights of the entire event.


Client: Music artist Dual Core



While in Orlando to perform at Nerdapalooza 2009, artist MC Lars trusted Starbound producer John Sebastian La Valle to shoot an important episode of his podcast.  The nature of this episode was delicate, as it was a response to a controversial issue.

MC Lars was able to trust Starbound to handle the subject with care and document the point of views of several of his fellow artists.


Client: Music artist MC Lars


The Mind Spa is an amazing device that uses advanced neuro-technology to help you sleep better, learn better, be more alert, and live a better life.  Starbound was approached to make a video explaining the technology in a creative way that would be easy to understand.

Client: Mind Spa

Hästens beds are the best beds in the world.  The company hired Starbound to film people brought in from countries all over the world telling their stories of how Hästens changed their lives.

Client: Hästens Sänger

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